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Welcome to the Great North

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Welcome to the Great North

From classic patterns such as buffalo plaid, to campfire-friendly woolies, Great Northern is a Canadian, outdoors-inspired brand sure to keep adventure seekers and loungers alike cozy through all four seasons. 


We picture our customers as a collective of individuals that share a love for comfort and the wilderness. People who love story telling around the campfire, hiking through Cabot Trail, or skiing in Mont Saint Sauveur. Whether you have our blankets wrapped around you on a dock, or our toques keeping you warm in chilly weather, Great Northern loves the outdoors, and everyone else who does too.


From the midst of our sizzling, sunny picnic weather in July, to our coldest ski temperatures of January, Great Northern embraces the rugged beauty of the outdoors and keeps you comfortable in any climate. Whether you’re lounging at a rustic cottage, riding the ski slopes, or hiking Nova Scotia's Cabot Trail, Great Northern will be your ultimate side kick. We're happy to finally be able to share our nature-inspired hosiery, loungewear, and accessories with all of our outdoorsy friends. We know you love comfort as much as we do. 


Proudly Canadian.

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